Scottish Power has announced dropping development of their proposed TIREE (Argyll) Array.

The proposed TIREE (Argyll) Array was to be the largest offshore wind farm in Europe.

NO TIREE ARRAY (NTA), was formed in 2010 to resist the development of this proposed offshore windfarm/array.

Had the Tiree(Argyll) Array been developed, it would have been an environmental disaster for Tiree, and the West Coast of Scotland.

NTA welcomes Scottish Power’s announcement.

NTA has been rigorous in the pursuit of its objective, maintaining robust and consistent lines of enquiry with Scottish Power/Scottish Government /Marine Scotland and SNH.

NTA’s lines of enquiry have been vigorous in challenging every technical and environmental aspect of the proposed offshore windfarm.

The adoption of the proposed Tiree Array, by Scottish Government in Mar 2011, was based on a flawed process, and its development based on a flawed prospectus.

The outcome for the Tiree (Argyll) Array follows very closely on the dropping of the Atlantic Array, and the announcement of a 2 year delay to Aberdeen’s EOWDC project.

This suggests Government’s ambitions are:- (1) not in harmony with the disproportionate investment required, and (2) not fully cogniscant of the many complex technical issues still to be resolved, to deliver offshore wind.

Tiree(Argyll) Array (1800 MW) if it had been developed would have been the biggest offshore windfarm in Europe. 300X6MW turbines up 200m high. 5 km offshore Tiree (pop750).

SNH’s current basking shark tagging project confirms Tiree’s status as a significant Basking Shark Hot-Spot

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Image Copyright: Photograph of Basking Shark with Eigg and Rum in the background, by Antony Stanley released under a Creative Commons Licence.

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Karl Hughes · December 14, 2013 at 7:34 am

Our ( NTA’s) work is not quite finished…now we have to fight for something, rather than against something…our energies will now be directed to marine protection status (MPA) for the area that would have been destroyed had the project been forced through.
We will fight for a sustainable marine park…providing income for Tirisdeach and people who call Tiree home and protection for the eco systems in the area…

Its been a long road, and whilst I still remain a strong supporter of community wind projects…I am equally against commercial wind in any form….
Now we have to stop the destruction of our wilder places, our least damaged wildernesses… If anybody wants advice on how to beat these behmoths of industry….we are only an email away.


Karl Hughes….NTA Tiree.

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