Councillors in the Scottish Borders are being advised to oppose plans for a
wind farm straddling the boundary with East Lothian.

Community Windpower wants to construct 27 turbines in the Aikengall IIa
scheme near Cockburnspath.

Officials have advised Scottish Borders Council to make an objection to the
Scottish government over the plans.

The company behind the scheme said it could provide enough energy to meet
the needs of more than 70,000 homes.

The plans also include access roads, control room buildings and a 90-metre
high wind monitoring mast.

Unacceptable harm

The development would lie adjacent to an existing wind farm site.

It has attracted opposition from community councils in the area, including
Cockburnspath and Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl and Preston in the Borders and
East Lammermuir Community Council in East Lothian.

Council planning officials are unhappy with the proposals as well.

They have advised they would “unacceptably harm” the Borders landscape and
would also impact on local residents and visitors.

There are also worries about road safety issues regarding the proposed
access route.

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Stop the gravy train · September 2, 2014 at 5:08 pm

The local population can object and the councils can recommend refusal as much as they want, the Holyrood mafia will ignore them as usual. So much for a fair and democratic Scotland under the SNP.

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