Kincardine Offshore Windfarm Limited (Kowl) Electricity Act 1989

Kincardine Offshore Windfarm Limited (KOWL) ELECTRICITY ACT 1989

Notice is hereby given that Kincardine Offshore Windfarm Limited (KOWL),
registered in I Scotland SC475345, of Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace,
Edinburgh, EH1 2EN has applied | to the Scottish Ministers for:
1. Consent, pursuant to Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989, to
construct and operate an offshore generating station at a site 15 km
offshore from the Kincardineshire coast, south-east of Aberdeen, Central
Grid Reference 57° 00.000′ N, 01 ° 50.000′ W (WGS84), the Kincardine
Offshore Windfarm. The installed capacity of the proposed generating
station would be up to 50 MW comprising between six to eight turbines with
a blade tip height of 176 meters from the lowest astronomical tide (LAT),
the operational life would be 25 years, and the consent duration 30 years;

2. Declaration, pursuant to Section 36A of the Electricity Act 1989, to
extinguish public rights of navigation so far as they pass through those
places within the Scottish Marine Area where structures forming part of the
offshore wind farm and offshore transmission works are to be located but
not, for the avoidance of doubt, the areas of sea between those structures
(Section 36A Declaration); and

3. A Marine Licence, pursuant to Section 20 of the Marine (Scotland) Act
2010 and Section 65 and 66 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, for
the deposit of substances and objects and the construction, alteration or
improvement of works within the Scottish Marine Area and the Scottish
Offshore Region in relation to Kincardine Offshore Windfarm and offshore
transmission works.

Copies of the application, with respective plans showing the land to which
it relates, together with a copy of the Environmental Statement discussing
KOWL’s proposals in more detail and presenting an analysis of the
environmental implications, are available for inspection, free of charge,
during their usual opening hours at:
Aberdeen City Library Aberdeen City Council Aberdeenshire Council

Rosemount Viaduct Marischal College Woodhill House
Aberdeen Broad Street Woodhill Road
AB25 1GW Aberdeen Aberdeen
AB10 1AB AB16 5GB

Portlethen Library Stonehaven Library Atkins Aberdeen Office Bruntland Road
Evan Street Kirkgate House
Portlethen Stonehaven Upperkirkgate
AB12 4QL AB39 2ET Aberdeen
AB10 1HW

The Environmental Statement can also be viewed at the Scottish Government
Library at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ. Copies of the Environmental
Statement may be obtained from Atkins Ltd. (Tel: 0141 220 2102 or Email: at a charge of £110 hard copy or £5 on
CD/DVD (including p & p). Copies of a short non-technical summary may be
obtained free of charge from Atkins Ltd. The Environmental Statement can
also be viewed online and the non-technical summary downloaded from

Anyrepresentation on the application should be made byemail to The Scottish
Government, Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team mailbox at
or by post to The Scottish Government, Marine Scotland Licensing Operations
Team, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB identifying
the proposal and specifying the grounds for representation, not later than
20/05/2016. Representations must state the reasons for objecting or
supporting a proposal, be dated and clearly state the name of the person,
or persons, representing and include a full return email or postal address
of those making the representation. Representations that do not include all
of the above information will be considered invalid. All representations to
the Scottish Government will be copied in full to Aberdeen City and
Aberdeenshire Council. When additional information (substantive information
relating to the Environmental Statement from a statutory consultee or the
applicant) is received, a further public notice will give advice on how
this information may be viewed by members of the public, and how
representations may be made to the Scottish Ministers. During the
consideration of the proposal, the Scottish Ministers may formally request
further information to supplement the Environmental Statement and this will
also be publicised in such a manner. Where the Scottish Ministers decide to
exercise their discretion to do so, the Scottish Ministers can also cause a
Public Inquiry to be held.

Following receipt of all views and representations, the Scottish Ministers
will determine | the application for consent in one of three ways:

? Consent the proposal as it stands;

? Consent the proposal with conditions attached; or

? Reject the proposal

Fair Processing Notice The Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team
process applications under The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, the Marine and
Coastal Access Act 2009 and The Electricity Act 1989. During the
consultation process letters of representation can be sent to the Scottish
Ministers in support of or objecting to these applications.

Should the Scottish Ministers call a Public Local Inquiry (PLI), copies of
these representations will be sent to the Directorate of Planning and
Environmental Appeals for the Reporter to consider during the inquiry.
These representations will be posted on their website with address (home
and email), signature and home telephone number redacted (blacked out).

Copies of representations will also be issued to the developer on request,
again with address (home and email), signature and home telephone number
You can choose to mark your representation as confidential, in which case
it will only be I considered by the Scottish Ministers and will not be
shared with the Planning Authority, the developer, the Reporter (should a
PLI be called) or any other third party. If you have any queries or
concerns about how your personal data will be handled please visit or contact the
Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team at:
or in writing to The Scottish Government, Marine Scotland Licensing
Operations Team, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB.

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