Planning Review Consultation Guide – Planning Democracy

We have been busy with the events and meetings across Scotland in the run up to the Planning Review consultation deadline. I hope your campaign group or Community Council are also submitting a response.

Attached is the Planning Democracy guide to the consultation to use and share with your contacts.

We have developed this guide in response to people’s request for help on the planning review consultation response. However, it is not easy to provide a guide on a complex document that isn’t always that explicit and doesn’t provide the detail necessary to know the full implications of the proposals. Your answers will depend on your own experiences of planning. But this guide is to stimulate some thinking and give you an idea of our thinking on the proposals without putting words into your mouths. The only thing we ask is that you write in support of an Equal Right of Appeal. We hope it is useful.

Any questions or comments please get in touch.
Best wishes,
Daya & PD team

Planning Democracy
Campaigning for a fair and inclusive planning system in Scotland
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Guide to the planning review consultation

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