Adam Ezzamel

Sweden’s state-owned national utility company has pledged to provide up to
£3 million in local community benefits across Grampian from its Aberdeen
Bay wind-powered electricity-generators.

Vattenfall will hand over £150,000 every year for the 20-year operational
life of the £300 million offshore wind test and demonstration centre.

As Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration centre, the
92.4MW development – also known as the European Offshore Wind Deployment
Centre will trial next generation technology to help drive down operating

Once operational, the 11-turbines will generate the equivalent of 70% of
Aberdeen’s domestic electricity demand and 23% of Aberdeen’s total demand.

Project director, Adam Ezzamel, said: “How a lasting legacy will secure
best outcomes from the EOWDC fund will in large part be determined by those
who are to benefit. That conversation with key local interests will start
soon so that community investments can start next year.”


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