Operations for the European Offshore Windfarm Development Centre (EOWDC) are due to begin shortly.

And the company behind the ambitious turbine testing facility has now applied for consent from Marine Scotland to set up ‘rolling’ safety zones around the location during construction.

The safety zones will stretch to 500 metre around the location of each wind turbine and its substructure and foundations.

Pre-commissioning 50metre safety zones around each structure will apply when work is not ongoing.

An onsite guard vessel will keep watch for vessels infringing on the barriers.

Landfall works are due to start later this month, with installation of the foundations following in November.

The 11 turbines are not due to be installed until March 2018, with work lasting until September.

Letters of representation, either in support or objection to the scheme, can be made to Scottish Ministers during the consultation process.

The EOWDC is being developed by Vattenfall-owned company, Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited.

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