Aberdeen Sheriff Court – Sheriff Andrew Miller

Today saw the start of the Milne’s long awaited noise nuisance case against Stuartfield Windpower Ltd.

Andrew and Rosemary gave evidence this morning and answered questions from John Campbell QC.  Rosemary was later cross examined by Counsel for Stuartfield Windpower Ltd, James Findlay QC . It was a difficult line of questioning but she answered confidently and clearly.

Proceedings will resume on Thursday when the Milne’s expert witness, Dick Bowdler, will give evidence along with the EHO from Aberdeenshire Council who is of the opinion that the noise constitutes a statutory nuisance. Matt Cand of Hoare Lea Acoustics will  support the Council. Their report confirmed that the nature and volume of the noise will still cause problems for residents.

Noise Nuisance – Start of legal proceedings



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