Lewis Wind Power has opened a new community information office in Stornoway
on its two proposed wind farms, which the developers say could create up to
600 new jobs and support a new inter-connector to mainland Scotland.

Lewis Wind Power is a joint venture between Aberdeen global oil-field
engineering services giant Wood Group and the renewables division of
French-owned nuclear giant EDF.

Their Uisenis and Stornoway wind projects are the two largest developments
in the Western Isles.

The scale of the proposed wind-turbine power stations is critical in making
the financial case for a interconnector cable from the Western Isles to the

Substantial development of wind farms on the island can only happen if the
electricity can be easily exported to the National Grid and the developers
say this will unlock significant community benefits in payments, ownership
and jobs.

Lewis Wind Power believes that 2018 will be a critical year for the two
projects and hopes that the projects will be given the green light to
compete in auctions for low carbon electricity in early 2019.

Mark Vyvyan-Robinson, Lewis Wind Power director said: “We have a big
responsibility in 2018 to make sure that these projects can win contracts
against other renewables projects across the UK. We will also firm up plans
for community ownership with the council and Stornoway Trust.

“Investment in the interconnector can only be triggered by our projects,
which have planning consent and a grid connection. The interconnector
would mean there would be scope for more community projects on the Western

“It would also unlock the potential for up to 600 jobs at the peak of
construction and up to £400 million of economic benefit over the lifetime
of the planned and future developments.”

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