An independent Scottish wind-power developer – which has teamed up with the
mostly-nuclear French nuclear giant EDF – is this week launching a series
of ‘hearts and minds’ public exhibitions about its 250-MW new Highlands
wind farm.

Glasgow-based Force-9 Energy wants to erect 47 new wind turbines for the
proposed Clash Gour Wind Farm – near its existing Berry Burn wind farm
site, which is located about eight miles from Forres in Morayshire.

As project partner, EDF’s renewable energy subsidiary has vowed to pay a
community benefit package at the prevailing Scottish Government recommended
rate, which is presently £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity per year
for 25 years.

A Force-9 spokesman added that it may also be possible to ‘capitalise’ some
of the available community benefit funding so that more of it is paid up
front, rather than annually. This would allow larger capital projects, such
as new community buildings or provision of enhanced broadband, to be

Exhibitions will be held this week in Forres, Elgin, Edinkillie and

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