A Scottish national electricity grid provider is to hold a meeting later
this month with the renewable energy supply chain about finally connecting
the Shetland isles to the mainland.

SSEN has been working on the plan to install the mostly subsea 160-mile
cable from Caithness to Shetland for more than 10 years.

Only about six miles of the cable – between Upper Kergord in Shetland and
Noss Head in Caithness – would be on land.

The high voltage direct current cable would allow renewable energy
developers on the islands to export electricity to the Scottish mainland grid.

SSEN said “several factors”, including financial barriers, government
policy and the readiness of renewable power developers, had delayed the
laying of the cable.

However, an SSEN spokesman said there is now renewed optimism about the
project following a Brit-Govt decision to allow remote island wind projects
to compete for subsidies in its Contracts for Difference auction in Spring 2019.

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