As an organisation that has unsuccessfully  opposed the Scottish Government‘s  Energy Policy aka wind farms and their  proliferation in Scotland I took a run up last week to Trump International Golf Links at Menie near Aberdeen to see what the impact of the AREG wind farm is likely to be on the golfing experience.



There were three turbines out of eleven proposed erected. By the time they are all in place the northern most one will be opposite the 14th green and the change in the visual amenity will be immense.  I am sure people will still want to play the course for its quality and challenge but many will find their enjoyment of the experience diminished by the turbines.  The atmosphere with turbines will be very different from without. With a predominantly west wind they will be full on to the shore.


In the publicity material describing the course it proudly states “the course rises to find panoramic views of the sea and plunges into secluded valleys with each hole boasting distinct characteristics and unique features.”


The view above is to the south east from the private approach road to the course. When the wind farm is complete it will be a new, unavoidable and unwelcome feature from all parts of the course. Scarcely the panoramic views of the sea anticipated when the course was conceived.


Yours faithfully

Graham Lang

Scotland Against Spin



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Jamie · May 15, 2018 at 6:44 pm

The golf course should never have been allowed to touch the SSSI but the 14,000 year old dunes more often used as the selling point.
On the above, regarding the opposition of the Scottish Governments policy I have yet to see how SaS propose to replace renewable energy without adopting new technology. Is the ultimate goal of SaS to reinvest in Nuclear and create as more 24,000 year old plutonium-239 waste instead of attempting to actually attempt less harmful ways of producing more energy that the world needs these days (and will increasingly need).
I would personally recommend a read of for a free non biase look into the worlds energy position.

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