What a disgrace, once again the Highlands are being humiliated.

The multinationals of the wind industry must think the folk of Lewis and
Stornoway are utter fools. To subject our much-needed tourists and our
incomparably beautiful Hebrides to over 90 of these 656ft “super” turbines
that would dominate the landscape for miles around is simply not acceptable.

Why should island folk have to suffer giant turbines that should be offshore?

The farcical industry claims that larger turbines are more “efficient”
could not be further from the truth. Current turbines blades have been
tweaked, over many years, to the nth degree, but the inexorable laws of
physics demand that all that can now be done is to make the turbines even
larger, even more damaging, even more space consuming, even more unsightly
and, with blades that travel in excess of 200mph, even more lethal to wildlife.

Remember what happened to the “once in a lifetime” visit by the
white-throated needletail felled by the Harris wind turbine, in front of
horrified bird watchers in June 2013. Bang go any plans for eco-tourism.

Far from boasting about “super” turbines, we are in reality being subjected
to yet another load of whoppers from the wind industry!

I am aghast at the scale of destruction.

George Herraghty, Lothlorien, Lhanbryde, Moray

SAS Volunteer

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