Turbine firm Senvion has inked a major deal with SSE to provide upkeep and services to four onshore windfarms in the north of Scotland.

The contract will see the German wind turbine manufacturer provide 107 turbines across SSE’s Gordonbush, Achany, Fairburn and Strathy North windfarms.

Senvion said it was one of the “largest single service contracts” in the firms history and revealed it was a “multi-million pound deal”.

The firm added that the deal covers 10% of its “entire service contract in the UK”.

The contract will see Senvion supply services to Fairbairn windfarm in Ross-shire which has 20 turbines, Gordonbush with 35 turbines, Strathy North with 33 turbines and Achany with 19 turbines.

Stuart Hood, SSE head of Onshore Wind said: “We are pleased to have extended our partnership with Senvion which provides long term coverage and security to a significant proportion of our operational assets.”

Senvion will also provide scheduled maintenance of the wind turbines, replacement of major components as needed.

Knud Rissel, managing director Europe North for Senvion, said: “We are delighted to be awarded this historic service contract with SSE, one of our longest standing customers in the UK. By selecting us again, SSE have demonstrated their trust in our people, technology and customer service.

“The scale of the project also cements our position as one of the leading turbine service providers in the UK and our commitment to long term support for our customers. At a time when reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy and improving efficiency is at its height, long-term, quality service provision is more important now than it has ever been.”

Dhaval Vikil, vice president in capital markets, described the contract as a “big deal” for the firm adding: “We don’t usually announce service contracts, so this is a big deal for us in the UK market.

“We’ve started moving into new markets after our success in Germany and France and now we have a big presence globally.”

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