An appeal has been filed in
the Court of Session against
approval for Forsa Energy’s
21MW Gilston Hill wind farm.
Scottish ministers granted
consent for seven
3MW turbines with tip heights
of 126.5 metres.

Local people may remember the planning application and subsequent planning appeal for Gilston wind farm, which is a revival of a very similar scheme that was eventually refused permission in 2012. Some of you formall objected to the scheme, and the community council formally objected also. Although SBC Planning Committee also agreed unanimously to refuse permission, this was overruled by a Scottish Planning Reporter recently.

There are a number of matters that appear to be flawed, or even simply omitted from consideration in the Reporter’s decision to the point where legal advice confirms that the decision should be challenged. We also heard from one or two of you most affected expressing considerable anger at the Reporter’s decision.

Having considered everything carefully, Heriot CC has decided to take legal action against the decision, with backing from concerned local people. That action has just been lodged with the courts. Nothing is certain in such legal disputes, least of all small communities challenging the Scottish Government.

When we have more information we will pass it on here. We will also discuss this at the next Heriot CC meeting on Wednesday.

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