Fire crews are battling a new wildfire that has destroyed heather and woodland in Moray.

At its height, seven fire crews were involved in the effort to put out the blaze at Johnstripe near Dunphail, south of Forres.

They were alerted at 16:13 on Thursday after fire burnt through more than 0.8 miles (2 sq km) of heath and woodland, encroaching on local roads.

Four fire crews remained at the scene overnight.

The fire service has warned of a heightened risk of wildfires across Scotland until Friday due to warm and dry weather.

Moray has been badly affected by moorland blazes in recent weeks.

A wildfire near Paul’s Hill wind farm at Knockando last month was described as one of the biggest seen in the UK in many years.

Firefighters are also at the scene of a wildfire in north Sutherland for a sixth day.

The moorland blaze between Melvich and Strathy began on Sunday, with the blaze affecting the electricity supplies to 800 homes at one point.

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