Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said he had “concerns” about the lack of local jobs provided by certain offshore wind projects.

Mr Wheelhouse said he and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had identified “specific” projects the government felt had not delivered in the areas in which they operate.

He urged developers to work in partnership with the Scottish Government to create more local supply chain opportunities.

He was speaking during the All-Energy conference in Glasgow.

Mr Wheelhouse said: “We have concerns about how little content has come from some specific projects.

“I know trade unions have expressed an interest in trying to get to the bottom of whether there are genuine concerns to be had about state aid issues and I know that’s something they discussed with (Scottish Finance Minister Derek) Mackay.

“But we’re trying to come at this from a positive angle. What can we do to help the industry help itself?”

Mr Wheelhouse and Mr Mackay met wind developers, trade unions and supply chain firms earlier this month.

Following the summit Mr Mackay said the Scottish Government would investigate options for including the provision of more supply chain companies, after Scottish manufacturing firm Burntisland Fabrication (BiFab) was overlooked in favour of foreign firms for a number of high profile north-east offshore wind contracts.

Mr Wheelhouse claimed local firms were seeing a “poor market share” from offshore wind projects, adding that the current situation “isn’t good enough”.

He added last night: “Developers can help us help them by working with us to ensure the supply chain is as competitive as possible.

“Without orders it’s difficult for businesses to justify investment, but we need that to happen – there needs to be more of a partnership and this is the starting point of that.”

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