WIND is sustainable – wind turbines are not. They are grossly inefficient,
sited far from population centres, so their transmission clutter is
everywhere. Wind farms desecrate Europe’s graceful hills and mountains,
destroying such beautiful landscapes as those of Scotland and the
Franco-Spanish border. In a decade or so wind power will be superannuated
and we’ll be left with rusting turbine hulks standing on vast concrete
foundations. Yet cement manufacture is a hugely CO2-emitting manufacturing
process, a fact conveniently forgotten by climate-alarmists and Holyrood’s
“seen to be green” brigades.
In fact, long before this century is out and doomster predictions again
prove groundless, ingenious humanity will have moved on from fossil fuels.
Nuclear fission and fracking will serve us until we get the likes of
nuclear fusion up and running. All the rest is just green-wash for the
technically challenged.
Dr John Cameron, St Andrews.

SAS Volunteer

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