ONE thing caught my eye about the notice from Scottish Gas, which informed
me that the Climate Change Levy on my electricity bill had gone up: the
levy is higher for electricity than for gas.
For a single kilowatt hour of energy at the current rate, you pay a levy
0.339p for gas, but 0.847p for electricity. The difference is just over
half a pence before you add VAT at 20 per cent. (Here the VAT is a tax on a
Now public policy is to encourage us to switch from using fossil fuels such
as gas to using only electricity, but the Climate Change Levy is telling us
that a unit of electrical energy causes more damage to the environment than
a unit of energy from gas.
Now odd as that is, the really bizarre thing is that Brussels, Westminster
and Holyrood all support a policy which will create massive fuel poverty.
You see, it costs at least four times as much to produce a unit of
electrical energy as it does to produce a unit of energy from gas, which
means that it will cost four times as much to heat your home electrically
as it does using gas. For many people that is a recipe for cold homes and
ill health.
It is clearly time for a rethink of the policy of switching to expensive
unreliable electrical energy from so-called renewable sources.
Otto Inglis, Edinburgh EH4.

SAS Volunteer

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