Banks Renewables will hold a public event on 6 November to provide information on its plans for the 63MW extension to the Kype Muir wind farm in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The project, which received planning permission from the Scottish government in September, will add 15 turbines to the existing wind farm bringing the total to 41 machines, Banks said.

The event will be held at Sandford Village Hall between 3.30pm and 6pm, it added.

Banks Renewables community relations manager Jeannie Raine said: “It’s important for us to offer members of the public the opportunity to discuss our newly-approved revised plans for the Kype Muir Extension development.

“The new plans include a grid connection within the site of our operational Kype Muir wind farm, creating a new outbuilding in the process.

“It’s a nice opportunity to once again explain how and why our plans for Kype Extension have evolved.

“We’re also delighted that this more efficient version will increase the positive social, economic and environmental impact for the area surrounding the project – so it’s a nice opportunity to talk about the effect of that too.”

Banks said it aims to create over 300 jobs during the site’s development, construction and operation and guarantee ‘local first’ tender lists.

The extension will also increase the Kype Muir Community Fund across the entire Kype Muir project by an additional £9.45m, totalling over £20m over the lifetime of both sites.

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