By Dan Kemp Hull Daily Mail
Firefighters have been called out to a “distressed dog” trapped in a wind
turbine in East Yorkshire.
Six Humberside Fire and Rescue crew members from the Howden team descended
on the huge structure in Eastrington after reports of an animal was trapped
inside it.
A disc cutter had to be used to cut their way into turbine after being
called by a concerned member of the public, however, all was not as it
first seemed.
Despite the team and the caller agreeing that “random noises like a
distressed dog” were coming from it, the sounds actually turned out to be
coming from the blades themselves.
The fire service searched the turbine but had no luck in finding the
animal, instead putting it down to a false alarm.
Sharing the news on social media, Ian Marrit of Humberside Fire and Rescue,
said: “Turned out to a dog stuck in base of wind turbine with Howden,
Humberside Fire this afternoon.
“False alarm good intent called in by a concerned member of the public. Who
knew wind turbines made random noises like a distressed dog it really did,
six firefighters all agreed.”

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