Swedish energy farm has lodged plans for a second onshore wind farm in the north-east.
The Clashindarroch II project would comprise 14 turbines, each nearly 600 feet tall, and would take shape on land near to the existing operational Clashindarroch wind farm in Aberdeenshire.
Vattenfall hope to have the second wind farm built by 2023 and say it would support 84 full-time jobs once operational. A small number of additional posts could also be created.
The development has been the subject of fierce criticism in recent years – with local conservationists claiming the lives of local wildcats were in jeopardy.
In 2018, conservation group Wildcat Haven amassed 200,000 signatures on a petition against the venture.
Developers, however, say they have identified measures to protect the species and other wildlife.
Planning documents state: “A important issue that the habitat management plan would address are the effects of the proposed development on the wildcat population within Clashindarroch Forest and the surrounding area.
“The applicant is also committed to assisting wildcat conservation action through the financial support of a wildcat project officer and to assist ongoing efforts to address wildcat hybridisation through a trapping, neutering, vaccinating and release programme for feral cats.”
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