As with the DPEA in Scotland, the Planning Inspectorate in England has been held up somewhat by having to cancel public Hearings but things are still moving ahead by electronic means.
A decision on whether to build the world’s biggest wind farm off the east Norfolk coast has been hit by coronavirus.
Swedish energy firm Vattenfall wants to build a wind farm called Boreas 70km out to sea.
It would come ashore at Happisburgh and has sparked opposition because a cable trench, 60km long, would need to be dug across Norfolk from Happisburgh to Necton to connect it to the National Grid.

At Necton new substations would be built, causing further controversy.

Vattenfall says the 200 turbines could produce 1.8 gigawatts of power – enough to power 1.3m homes with clean energy and boost Norfolk’s economy.
But decision maker, the Planning Inspectorate, has now said all public hearings have been postponed
Inspectors were meant to make a site visit on Thursday which was also postponed.
Instead it will push ahead with written questions through the spring and hopes to have all the information it needs by May.


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