YOU have brought graphically to light the all-too-tragic destruction of nature by the wind industry (“14 million trees axed to make way for wind farms”, The Herald, February 29).

An astonishing 13.9 million trees have been felled in Scotland, since 2000, to make room for giant industrial wind farms trashing our landscapes.

Roughly half the cut wood in the EU is now being burned to generate electricity or for heating. The forests of North Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi – as well as those in Europe – are being destroyed to sustain a European fantasy about renewable energy. Widespread illegal logging has been reported in Romania, with the timber exported for burning in power stations in Austria and Germany.

Some 200 scientists wrote to the EU in 2017 insisting that “bioenergy is not carbon-neutral” and calling for tighter rules to protect forests and their carbon.

Some further statistics that might astonish readers duped by the so-called “clean green” wind industry:

Building enough wind turbines to supply half the world’s electricity would require nearly two billion tons of coal to produce the concrete and steel, along with two billion barrels of oil to make the composite blades. More than 90 per cent of the world’s solar panels are built in Asia on coal-heavy electric grids.

And, they will all require replacement at regular intervals thereafter!

Germany will have spent $580bn on renewables by 2025 and increased electricity prices 50 per cent without having reduced emissions.

France spends a bit more than half as much for electricity that produces one-tenth the emissions as Germany. How? With nuclear power.

Which energy form is sustainable, clean and green? I’ll let you work that out for yourself.

George Herraghty, Lhanbryde.

SAS Volunteer

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