Nearly 300 jobs are to be created at a bought-out yard in Fife for the manufacture of wind turbine foundations.
Burntisland Fabrications (BiFab), which has yards in Burntisland and Methil in Fife and one on the Isle of Lewis went into administration at the end of last year after Scottish Government ministers ruled out nationalising the company.
Harland and Wolff (Methil) Limited, a subsidiary of InfraStrata, took over the Methil and Lewis sites in February following an £850,000 deal.
The new owner has now been awarded a contract by Saipem Limited for the fabrication, consolidation and load-out of the foundations to be conducted at the Methil plant.
The contract schedule is due to begin on July 1 and it is anticipated it will create around 290 direct and indirect jobs.
John Wood, InfraStrata chief executive, said: “We are delighted to have entered into this contract with Saipem and I believe that this contract paves the way for the execution and delivery of future fabrication contracts, a significant number of which are currently in advanced negotiations.
“The geographical proximity of our Methil facility to the North Sea makes it an ideal site for fabrication and load-out to wind farm projects such as this.
“More importantly, it validates our strategic vision of expanding the group’s fabrication footprint into regions that are strategically located within proximity to major wind farm projects.
“This will enable us to spread workstreams across our facilities to drive down costs, deliver against tight schedules and, crucially, align ourselves to the Government’s goal of providing wind-generated power to all homes in the UK by 2030.
“I am confident that this is only the beginning of a stream of projects in our pipeline that we expect to come to fruition.
“We are hugely excited about the massive potential that this first contract has unlocked, and we look forward to working with Saipem to successfully deliver under it.”

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