Celia Hobbs has every good reason to be worried about the Greens’ manifesto (letters, 4 May). For anyone living in rural Scotland in an old stone built property, it is a disaster.
They want all homes to be insulated to an acceptable standard by 2025 or the owners will be unable to sell. It would take longer than that to train most contractors how to treat old houses which require to breathe.
They seem to think it is acceptable to cover everything in plasterboard or fill it with concrete, including all the beautiful features associated with stone built properties.
We have removed a number of them from our property who have arrived offering government grants and frightened us to death with their lack of knowledge.
Not content with wrecking our properties, the Greens also want to destroy our landscape by doubling the size of the wind industry. How many people living in rural Scotland are going to vote for them with a policy like that?
With 4394 operational turbines (over 100kw), Scotland already has more turbines than the other three countries in the UK put together and an FOI response from the Scottish government shows we have a further 1722 turbines in the planning process.
Do any of these Green people actually live or work in rural Scotland or associate with the people who live there?

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