Since when did the industrial scale slaughter of wildlife become “Clean Green” energy? Why, oh why, are we celebrating what the RSPB describe as the final nail in the coffin for seabirds? The entire media, from newspapers to the BBC, act as a fawning mouthpiece for the wind industry, and celebrate the creation of jobs in offshore wind (“Leith renewable energy hub to create 1,000 jobs”, 25 May). Not a single report I have seen is actually questioning the environmental impact of our actions.
The RSPB were so incensed by the hugely damaging Firth of Forth offshore wind farms, they described them as “The most damaging windfarms for seabirds anywhere in the world” and the Firth of Forth as “of International importance to wildlife”. They were so appalled by the Scottish Government’s approval for these giant, industrial, bird-mincers they took them all the way to the Supreme Court!
The RSPB also objected to the Moray West offshore wind farm, describing the environmental assessment submitted by the project as “incomplete and inadequate”. They added that the initiative could “spell disaster for some of our most valued seabird populations”. The RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, John Muir Trust, Shetland Amenity Trust, Shetland Bird Club and Sustainable Shetland – along with a majority 2,736 residents – objected to the Viking Wind Farm in Shetland, yet it was approved by Scottish ministers.
The rotor blades of a wind turbine have a radius as long as a football field and rotate at 300 km/h. Against these huge propeller walls, birds, bats and insects don’t stand a chance. No wonder the wind industry wants them out at sea so we can’t see the carnage. What next? Net zero wildlife.
What an utterly abhorrent way to “save the planet”.
George Herraghty, Lhanbryde, Elgin, Moray

SAS Volunteer

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