You’ll all remember Rosie Milne and Aileen Jackson attended the International Wind Turbine Noise Conference last month. The Post Conference report is due any day but we were pleased to see both ladies got a mention in Jack Pease’ Noise Bulletin this month.
It was a brave move of organiser Dick Bowdler to publish the online chat going on during the recent wind turbine conference. The stream of consciousness could have been anarchic but actually proved very interesting.
For instance David Michaud from Canada noted: “We find wind turbine complaints were inversely related to annoyance. We think those people who are highly annoyed long term may be that way (in part) because they’ve learned complaining does nothing. Whereas in areas where complaints help, they may actually have lower annoyance.”
But the real learning point was the reaction to Scotland’s ‘difficult’ noise sufferers Aileen Jackson and Rosemary Milne who have both campaigned against turbine disturbance for many years.
Some international delegates expressed amazement that such annoyance hasn’t been dealt with, and it almost felt that many of the acousticians had never really ‘met’ any real noise sufferers, especially those who now probably know more than them about turbine annoyance.
For their part, Jackson and Milne repeated their warnings that turbine noise should not be averaged away with long term indicators, nor should sufferers become invisible by large scale annoyance surveys seeing those annoyed swamped by the numbers of those further away who are not annoyed.

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