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Just when we thought the environmental damage couldn’t get any worse, the Scottish Government approves yet another hairbrained scheme to ‘Save the Planet’. (Loch Ness hydro scheme, Press and Journal, 8th June).

It demonstrates perfectly how utterly useless hundreds of giant, industrial wind turbines, carpeting the hills around Loch Ness, are at providing constant, reliable energy as and when required.

Pumped storage is by definition NOT renewable energy! Our tides have been pumping vast quantities of water uphill for millions of years, twice a day, without the need for any giant bird-mincers, or ruined landscapes. Tidal power.

The concrete required in hydro plants, for a tiny trickle of back-up energy, is 18 times greater than even a Nuclear plant which provides constant, baseload power, day in day out, 365 days a year. Nuclear Plants in the UK, for example, require 2,025 times less land than wind.

The Great Glen could, and should, be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its scenic grandeur permanently protected for us and our children to inherit. It really is the beating heart of our tourist industry and ought not to be trashed because of an ill-thought-out energy policy.

A German tourist I met recently, high on the hill above Loch Ness scanning a horizon of wind turbines, asked ruefully – “How can you Scots allow this to happen?”



Yours, trying to protect our Highlands from further devastation





George Herraghty


Lothlorien  Lhanbryde  Elgin





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