Highland Council has been granted a third extension to the time allocated for it to decide its stance on Garvary Wind Farm.
An application for the 37-turbine development on a site 4.5km south of Lairg, has been lodged with the Scottish Government Consents Unit because its installed capacity will be 222mw.
Under the Electricity Act all developments above a 50mw threshold are referred to the consents unit, but local authorities are statutory consultees.
Highland Council was originally under an obligation to take a decision by August 16 but that was extended until September 21 and then October 26.
And the time limit has now been extended yet again – until February 4 – because additional environmental information has been submitted and some visualisations revised.
Two power companies are progressing the development – Coriolis Energy and Electricity Supply Board Asset Development (ESB), which is Ireland’s part state owned electricity company.
Struie Action group is opposing the wind farm, the turbines of which would measure 180m to tip height
Chairman Michael Baird said: “I am obviously pleased to see that there is an extension as it buys us some more time to get our case rolled out and not have to do a rush job.”
Highland Council has so far received 31 objections to the wind farm with one representation in support.
Mr Baird said: “We are not against wind farm per se, nor indeed against renewable energy, but what we are against is a wind farm which will ruin our beautiful unspoilt environment and natural heritage, and that is the case with the Garvary project.” https://www.northern-times.co.uk/news/garvary-wind-farm-application-rumbles-on-255288/?fbclid=IwAR01yfvWNXsEzyY_2Y6iiKbhTe282guQLqlcZ-n-zy0p7yzNcGUcXWR0peI

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