Received by Scotland Against Spin today. Individuals are welcome to take part.
The consultation on Scotland’s draft Onshore Wind Policy Statement is open until 21 January 2022.
The successful deployment of significant volumes of onshore wind over the next decade will be crucial to achieving our 2030 and 2035 net zero targets.
The draft Onshore Wind Policy Statement (OnWPS) will include our ambition that an additional 8-12 GW of onshore wind be installed by 2030, how to tackle the barriers to deployment, and how to secure maximum economic benefit from these developments.
The draft Onshore Wind Policy Statement can be viewed and comments submitted here:…/onshore-wind-policy…
We are inviting views on the consultation by 21 January 2022. Consultation responses can be submitted online via the link above and written responses can be submitted following the instructions on these websites. Responses to this consultation will be used to shape the final Onshore Wind Policy Statement.
If you have any queries regarding this consultation, please do not hesitate to contact officials handling this process via e-mail at We look forward to receiving any comments you may have on the consultation in the coming months.
Kindest regards
Onshore Wind Policy Team

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