The next meeting of the DPEA Stakeholders’ Forum is at 10.00 a.m. on 02 November 2021.   Dr Rachel Connor and Aileen Jackson will be representing SAS at the meeting.

Teams Meeting Agenda

  1. Introduction and welcome


  1. Previous meeting – matters arising


  1. DPEA update


  1. 6 month stats  (see attachment)


  1. Feedback on GN23


  1. Pandemic update


  1. Future use of in-person and virtual hearings and inquiries


  1. Matters raised by stakeholders –


a. Rachel Connor – How does the DPEA ensure that the issue of disaster identification, mitigation and management,(as specified by Environmental Impact Regulations -EIRs),  is competently addressed  in planning  applications and appeals for new technology?

b. Alastair McKie – Further information requests in LDP examinations

c. David Middleton – Given the government’s programme of legislation for this      session of Parliament, is there an expectation that any aspect of this will  impact on planning policy, and pending new legislation being enacted, does     the current policy requirement that all development must contribute to    sustainable development provide opportunities for innovative approaches to   protect the environment and limit climate change?

d.  Aileen Jackson – Organising and presenting inquiry documents in a  coherent manner so that they can be found and downloaded quickly.

9. Close 12.00 noon.

Stakeholder meeting 2 November 2021 – Stats






SAS Volunteer

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