So sorry to hear that our good friend Jack Pease will no longer be publishing the Noise Bulletin. He has supported us for many years, making sure all our Noise problems were published and shared to local authorities throughout the UK. All the best for the future Jack.
Noise Bulletin: Closure announced – last issue March
(Jack Pease writes): It is with huge regret that I have to announce that publication of Noise Bulletin (and Air Quality Bulletin) is to cease. The last issue will be March.
The publications have a loyal following but numbers have nosedived – first austerity and more recently Covid has taken its toll on the market into which the newsletters are sold.
Our core market is local authority environmental health teams – these have been hit particularly hard over the last decade with more cuts to come. Many local authorities no longer have any noise expertise and lean on consultants if they get caught out.
In our announcement in sister journal Air Quality Bulletin I commented that I was content that cleaner vehicles meant that air quality problems were largely solved. The same is not true of noise which remains the ‘forgotten’ pollutant.
Unlike air quality, noise was never put into regulation and local authorities were left to get on with it. Attempts to deal with it centrally (eg Defra noise mapping) failed. Wales and Scotland have taken it more seriously but the tiny team left at Defra are hamstrung.
Nuisance management at local authority level has sunk to diary sheets and the Noiseapp which neatly distracts from the fact that many local authorities no longer have environmental health officers who can differentiate a decibel from a doorbell. Barely a month goes by when noise sufferers are reported as taking the law into their own hands often with tragic results.
Unsurprisingly, in such a policy and practice vacuum, we have struggled (like the NSCA before us which served the same market). Informal approaches were made to industry leaders as to what to do with the good will and assets of the newsletters to no avail. We will keep back issue pdfs online available free of charge by way of thanks to our loyal supporters who have been with us for 20 years.

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