Offshore Wind Projects off the Scottish coast are estimated together to generate 25 gigawatts of renewable electricity.
If this is accurate there are a number of questions which must be answered.
Is there a plan to ensure that there will be sufficient reliable generation when wind output is very low, as happened on a number of days in 2021?
Alternatively, when the wind fleet are delivering high levels of power output and there is excess generation will this be put to good use rather than consumers having to pay large sums for it
to be ‘constrained off’?
Wind generation supply to the Grid does not provide inertia and synchronicity and we should be told what other means there will be to make this available.
Before these schemes go ahead the government should ensure that they are evaluated using whole system modelling and reduction in emissions estimated.
What evidence is there to show that increasing wind capacity will make the price of electricity affordable to low income families?
Considering the level of subsidies provided by the UK government I think it is in the public interest that there should be more transparency regarding these energy proposals.
C Scott, Edinburgh.

SAS Volunteer

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