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MSP Liam Kerr did well to explode the myth that nuclear power is expensive, but then claims that onshore wind farms are ‘part of the solution’ (‘SNP is wrong to pour scorn on a move to low-carbon nuclear’, Scotsman, 28 January).Nuclear power provides clean base-load electricity but cannot cope with daily variations in demand. Nor can unreliable wind farms; they are not the partner that nuclear requires to keep the electricity grid stable.Gas turbines can meet the excess demand but they burn a fossil fuel.

Pumped storage can meet a short term hike in demand but there is not enough of it.

Tidal power is reliable and might be used for this purpose but again there is too little.

Imports and battery storage might be considered. What would be the best partner for nuclear to keep the lights on without damaging the atmosphere?

Steuart Campbell, Edinburgh

SAS Volunteer

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