We’ve just been informed that the SAS petition will be heard by the Petitions Committee again on 29 June. The Clerks tell us that the Scottish Government will liaise with the UK Government directly over the issue of whether or not they would be willing to amend the Electricity Act to allow Scottish Planning Authorities to determine s36 wind farms as opposed to Scottish Ministers. They do not expect to have an answer by the 29th so it will be the other requests made in our Petition which will be debated at this meeting. SAS are writing a response to the debate which took place on the 15th between the Committee and the Planning Minister and have also contacted the UK Gov ourselves in the hope of getting an answer quickly, before the Scottish Government! https://www.parliament.scot/get-involved/petitions/view-petitions/pe1864-increase-the-ability-of-communities-to-influence-planning-decisions-for-onshore-windfarms?fbclid=IwAR1f8tx7banOSjOpheamrjz0NKQLDTT9XRn0RwVaWw7MXT94-YdfWDWSajo

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Laura · June 28, 2022 at 9:06 pm

Wonderful work, guys! I’m eagerly waiting to hear the results on this and wish you the best of luck tomorrow!

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