The Scottish Government’s Bulletin of Scottish Independence featured a large picture of an English wind farm on the front page by mistake, and it was underlined.
Last month, the first minister presented the first of a series of papers she said would present and discuss the issue of Scottish independence.
entitled “Independence in the Modern World”. Richer, happier, fairer: why not Scotland? It sought to “define the UK’s model and explain its persistent structural problems”.
The paper, which was meant to serve as a “scene maker” for independence, formed part of a prospectus for Scottish independence, which addressed the enormous potential that an independent Scotland would have and the challenges it would face after a yes vote.
There was one problem. It turns out that the front page photo actually shows Friesthorpe wind farm, on the east coast of Yorkshire, near Bridlington.
The Scottish Government has now reissued the document with a very Scottish front cover.
It shows two turbines under a cloudy sky in Scotland captured at Peace Bay in Berwickshire.
The Scottish government said: “In the initial publication, a contracted printing and design agency used a reputable stock image website to obtain an image of a Scottish wind farm for the paper. While the image used on the Financial Images website was flagged as located in Scotland, we now understand that the image may have been wrongly flagged, and as a result, we have updated our online post.”
The launch came after Ms Sturgeon SNP won Holyrood’s 2021 election on a statement that included a commitment to hold another referendum on Scotland’s place in the UK once the Covid crisis subsided.
The SNP did not win a majority of seats in the Scottish Parliament in that election, but voters who also returned a record number of green MSPs created a pro-independence majority within Holyrood.
The SNP leader has made it clear repeatedly that she wants a referendum to be held before the end of 2023 – despite strong opposition from the UK government for such a vote.
The document, which was revealed at a press conference at her Butte House residence in Edinburgh, argued that a group of small nations were far richer and fairer than the UK on a set of measures, and this showed that Scotland would be better off independent.
“There will be red faces everywhere in the corridors of the Scottish national government-green in this embarrassing mistake,” said Sharon Dawe, a conservative Scottish governor in southern Scotland.…/

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