Community Windpower Limited (CWL) has reduced the number of turbines at its Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm development to 60.

The reduction in turbines is part of a redesign of the project, originally submitted to the Scottish Government and Dumfries and Galloway Council in November 2020.

During the consultation period, comments were raised by consultees and local residents, primarily relating to landscape and visual impacts, residential amenity, cultural heritage, dark skies and golden eagles.

Initially submitted as a 75-turbine scheme, Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will now consist of 60 turbines and a battery storage facility.

This removal of 15 turbines is equivalent to a reduction of 20% of the original proposal.

The Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm project is located in Dumfries and Galloway, approximately 5 km south-east of Moffat.

The changes to the proposed development also include a reduction in the tip heights of four turbines in the southern part of the scheme.

Another positive change has been the adoption of a reduced aviation night-time lighting scheme, which has now been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Defence.

The reduced lighting scheme includes the lighting of just 17 perimeter turbines with visible aviation lighting on the nacelle only, which is a “significant improvement” compared to the original submission.

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