THE owners of Grangemouth petrochemicals refinery are in talks with the Scottish and Westminster governments over a £150 million plan to pioneer importing US shale gas into the site to safeguard 100 jobs and a £1 billion revenue stream.

Ineos, which owns the chemicals part of Grangemouth, has been lobbying Government ministers to provide guarantees that would underwrite a scheme to build storage facilities for liquified gas and modify the dockside at the site.

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Tatyana · July 24, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Same Shah who had connected Oil pinipeles to Israel & was providing FREE oil since he came into power, however after 1979 revolution it was immediately stopped. Now as you website has admitted that western powers are more or less controlled by Zionists, the only country who has taken stand against them is Iran, ask your self, why would they overthrough a friendly shah to install unfriendly government? savour grapes springs to mind, just low level mis info you manage to believe & passing on without fully researching it.

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