Scotland Against Spin is pleased to announce a major national anti-wind protest which will take place on October 19 2013.

Building on last year’s successful march and protest outside the SNP conference hall during Alex Salmond’s keynote speech, this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.

In the last year as ever more turbines have appeared on our horizons, so more and more people and organisations have turned against Alex Salmond’s reckless quest to turn Scotland into the Saudi Arabia of Wind. His government has made a show of listening, but there is no real sign that it has any intention of protecting us and our country from the relentless onslaught of wind developers. Only when SNP members see how many folk are prepared to take to the streets and proclaim their policy as unethical, unsustainable and unaffordable will we see the reform we so urgently need.

SAS is working in partnership with a variety of environmental protection groups, campaign groups and many individuals across the UK to organise the anti-wind protest which will coincide with the SNP’s annual conference in Perth.

Several groups are contributing to the protest in various ways. Some are working in partnership, while others are creating their own form of protest on the day.

As at previous protests at SNP conferences when STOP HIGHLAND WIND FARMS CAMPAIGN and GASPS did the honours, a local/regional anti-wind campaign group will be hosting or headlining October’s event. Groups from the Borders are keen to take on this role, and more details will follow shortly.

Although SAS did not formally exist when last October’s protest took place, SAS team members were part of the organising committee and organised all the official permissions. We have again taken responsibility for dealing with the formal side of things with Perth & Kinross Council and the Perth Constabulary, and will be giving our full support to the hosting group.

We will all meet in Perth at the South Inch car park and proceed by Princes Street, St John Street and George Street to the concert hall. As last year, the demonstration is timed so that we will be gathered in numbers at the Perth Concert Hall when Alex Salmond gives his keynote address to the SNP annual conference at 3 pm.

We will do everything we can to encourage as many folk as possible to take part on the day, and provide ongoing updates on how the protest is taking shape. We would also like to acknowledge the work of the social networking group Wind Energy is Absurd (WEA) who are lobbying groups and individuals to join the protest.


Brenda · July 9, 2013 at 10:53 am

I was extremely surprised to read this “announcement” since most campaigners will know by now that the proposed protest in October was not suggested by SAS, nor is it organised by you so I have no idea why you are now claiming credit. May I suggest you immediately retract this statement and give the credit where it is due. I cannot speak for the organisers, as I am not one, but no doubt SAS will be as welcome to join the protest as other groups are.

    SAS web admin · July 9, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Since we were involved in the last demo at Perth in partnership with other groups, we have continued our involvement with helping to organise this protest for the 19th October in partnership with other groups, working diligently in the background with many groups for the past several months to help increase the numbers.

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