THE artist behind the Piper Alpha Memorial is launching a new exhibition of
works marking the development of a major offshore wind farm.

Sue Jane Taylor, whose bronze memorial in memory of the victims of the
North Sea tragedy was opened in 1991, has completed paintings, etchings,
drawings and diaries to document the Beatrice project, near an oil field
off the Caithness coast.

The exhibition, which examines the construction of the five-megawatt
turbines in the Moray Firth, will be at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum from
tomorrow until January 4,

Taylor said: “In my work I try to capture the extreme environment people
work in offshore, and now also with pioneering renewable energy prototypes
which are being tested all around our northern coastal waters.

“It is important that this part of our history is recorded.”

Meredith Greiling, the museum’s curator of maritime history, said: “The
human perspective is at the heart of Sue Jane’s work and is what makes them
accessible to visitors.

“Having her unique artistic view of the offshore energy industries helps us
to engage a wider audience and encourages visitors to look at science,
engineering and industry in a new way.”

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