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Soaring energy prices because of costly renewable energy policies throughout Germany, the UK, Australia and other countries are financially burdening the everyday consumer. When will our politicians wake up and see the light!! It is not something new.

Whilst health, noise, property devaluation and other issues are having huge negative impacts on people, the cost and efficiency are certainly issues worth raising as it effects every single electricity consumer, so when writing your correspondence to politicians, governing authorities and media it is certainly worth raising the issue.

Paul Miskelly (whose paper I have attached and which is also available on the Multi Science Journal website, clearly shows the problems with the Eastern Australian grid and wind power) along with others around the world have highlighted the very really problems for sometime.

I have also attached an early piece written by Derek Birkett, UK in 2009. Another paper written by Derek is available on the Multi Science Journal for those interested titled “Accommodation of Renewable Energy – Have the problems become unaffordable?” Vol 23 No 8 2012. I believe Derek has another book to be released, but one of his earlier books is “When will the lights go out” clearly details the problems that exist.

This review is from: When will the Lights go out? (Independent Minds) (Paperback)
After chairing an expert group looking at UK nuclear power station siting in 2006, I became convinced that grid availability and connectivity was probably the key technical viability issue above nearly all other siting factors. This excellent book by Grid Engineer Derek Birkett explains in plain language why the future of Britain’s electricity grid is at a perilous crossroads and the problems we must all soon face. Reads like a Briefing for Ministers, with a good balance between technical discussion and pragmatic advice. Recommended reading for political analysts, energy policy analysts and energy economists.

There is also a piece that was in the Australian Financial Review by Angus Taylor which has some useful information to use when writing.


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