I couldn’t agree more with Lyndsey Ward’s heartfelt letter “Have wind farm developers no souls?” (Herald 13th May) lamenting the systematic and catastrophic destruction of our pristine landscapes.


It has long been apparent to the enlightened, except the Scottish Government, that the ruthless wind industry is here to make shed loads of money not ‘save the planet’.


Some years ago, I met a German hiker high on the hills above Loch Ness. He was on holiday, walking from the West to East coast for the 10th time. We stared North across miles and miles of unspoilt wilderness, atmospheric blue ridges all the way to the horizon.


We were standing on the site of a proposed wind farm, now sadly built, destined to make millions for its absentee landowner, a tax exile in Bermuda.


“It is indescribably beautiful” declared the visitor, he then turned to me and asked ruefully – “How can you Scots allow this to happen?”.


Over to you for the answer Scottish Government.


Yours, trying to protect our precious landscapes not destroy them

George Herraghty


Lothlorien. Lhanbryde Elgin Moray

SAS Volunteer

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