The delivery of two massive transformer units to Shetland is a key milestone in enabling the connection of renewable electricity generation and securing future supply.
Weighing around 168 tonnes each, the transformers are key components in the operation of the Kergord substation and will play a vital role in the Shetland high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system.
The new units arrived in Lerwick Harbour from Sweden on Sunday and have been loaded onto specialist vehicles ready to go on to their final destination at Kergord later this week.
The first is to make its way north on Friday, May 6 and the second on Monday, May 9.
Both will be moved overnight from 10.30pm to minimise disruption on the A970, with police supervising the deliveries and ensuring other vehicles can pass it safely.
More transformer units will arrive in Shetland in the coming months to be put into place both at Kergord and at the Viking Energy Wind Farm.
SSEN transmission assistant project manager Jared Deeney thanked locals in advance for being patient while the important deliveries take place.
He said: “The delivery of the four new transformers from Hitachi Energy is a key milestone in the construction of the Shetland HVDC link.
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the local community in advance for their patience and understanding while we transport these transformers onto their final destination in Kergord.”…/milestone-delivery…/

Huge 168-tonne transformers arrive in Shetland to secure islands’ renewable electricity generation link

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