Dear Sir,
I’m not sure what planet Allan Gray is living on as he presents us with his ever-so-cheap wind powered “Solutions to combat Energy Bills” (Northern Scot 20th May).
In case he hasn’t noticed power prices have doubled in wind industry deluded Britain. They are expected to treble in October.
In the UK, higher energy prices are poised to push an estimated 2 million additional households into fuel poverty, taking the total to 6 million, the highest level of fuel poverty in more than 25 years.
Far from becoming cheaper, meticulously audited accounts from the wind industry prove that wind power is actually becoming even more expensive. Ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement costs are rising exponentially.
In 2019, subsidies for wind power in Scotland cost consumers £954 million. Fortunately for the Scots, this subsidy is absorbed by the National Grid and charged out to all UK customers. If Scottish householders had to pay for it themselves, it would cost every household £367 a year.
And that does NOT include all the other additional costs for integrating wind power, such as constructing transmission lines. Nor does it include the extortionate cost of essential back-up whenever the wind stops. We are effectively paying for two systems running in parallel.
As at January 3, 2022, according to data compiled by the Renewable Energy Foundation, we have been forced to pay £1,076,455,630 to the Wind Industry for providing absolutely nothing and the majority is paid out in Scotland by all UK consumers.
According to the annual Medium Term OBR Forecasts, subsidies for renewable energy have cost the public £78 Billion in the last ten years. This equates to about £3000 per household!
If Mr Gray’s ‘solutions’ are cheap Heaven knows what expensive looks like!
George Herraghty

SAS Volunteer

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Ms. Ordinary · May 30, 2022 at 4:51 pm

We have to start somewhere. Nothing is built perfect to begin with; technology improves. The Model T wasn’t near as good as later cars.

Yeah, things can get expensive for a short time while we improve. Our lives are worth that cost.

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