A SUBSTATION at the centre of a £1.6 billion project to create an underwater “super highway” to bring offshore energy into the UK network has been hit with a delay after plans had to be withdrawn.

SP Energy wants to create new facilities in East Lothian as part of the project which will create an Eastern Link, which the energy giant says will make the North Sea a “hidden powerhouse” of Europe.

However, a planning application for the substation at Thornton Bridge, near Dunbar,  has been withdrawn by the firm which had already taken it out to public consultation and submitted over 70 supporting documents to East Lothian Council.

SP Energy said changes to the design of the substation meant it would now need to be resubmitted for planning permission and the whole consultation process carried out again.  https://www.thenational.scot/news/20584850.sp-energys-1-6bn-eastern-link-project-hit-delay/?fbclid=IwAR2lKygnXMaxoPAdzlnl9OdVYoT1S18CivN62jSXwWowF8kumtWVHXmB7ZY

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