How saddened I am to hear the Nature Scot response to the Achany extension and Strath Oykel wind farm applications in the area of Rosehall in Sutherland
The agency has decided to withdraw its previous objection to the Achany scheme because since the granting of permission for the Sallachy wind farm near Lairg this area of wild land is now considered lost. They state that with the addition of the Achany extension this will be compounded and further diminish the strength of wild land quality across much of the remaining area.This means the local area is no longer considered to be of the highest wilderness and, importantly, no longer contribute to the wider wild land area.
Wild land areas were set up to protect our wild spaces from development and save them for future generations. With the Highland Council and the Energy Consents unit granting permission for the Sallachy development to be built on wild land, it now seems because of this no further objections will be made the increasing numbers of wind farm applications in this rural area.
Nature Scot states its mission is to provide a nature-rich future for Scotland. However it seems to have thrown in the towel for this area of Sutherland and it will set a precedent for other future applications around Scotland that affect wild lands.



If this agency does not do what it was set up to do who else will protect our wilderness areas. How long before every hillside is covered in turbines and pylons, our wildlife destroyed or dispersed from its habitats, our wildlife tourism industry destroyed and jobs and the local economy lost.

Our future generations will despair at us for what we have done for the climate, but also not protecting what was left of our wild areas for them to enjoy.

Tracey Smith, Lairg, Highland

SAS Volunteer

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