The four-week public consultation for the proposed 17-turbine Hill of Fare wind farm north of Banchory has closed, with one of the largest ever responses to the developer.
Hill of Fare backlash
Locals have raised concerns about the proposed 820ft turbines set to stand less than four miles from Banchory.
RES planning documents show that the turbines will be “theoretically visible” with viewpoints from 20 miles away in all directions; from Moray to Angus.
A local resident of 40 years, Frank Murray of Midmar, voiced his objection in an open letter received by the Aberdeen Journals and local politicians.
He described his home as “an idyllic place to live”, however, his south-facing land would look on to RES’ proposed wind farm.
Mr Murray has enjoyed the “peace and tranquillity of the surrounding countryside” since his home was built in 1982 but is now worried that this will be ruined if the project comes to fruition.

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