The Chancellor proposes a windfall tax on renewable generators who at present are paid if they generate, and paid if they do not but are available. When available, their generation is taken as a priority by the System Operator (National Grid). They get tax relief on all investment, and are able to boast green credentials, even if not always justified, They operate inefficient machinery, since efficiency rates lag around 25%-30%. Their installations are at least as divisive as they are useful. Their machinery is noisy and intrusive to neighbours and ruinous to Scotland’s primary asset, the landscape of this great country itself. The wind industry has the elected Government over a barrel since it has closed or forced the closure of all fossil fuel generation save for the gas fired station at Peterhead, leaving little or no alternative. Long established hydro generation is laid up or operated below par. And finally, neither of Scotland’s large generators supports or takes any part in the operation of nuclear baseload.
Mr K Anderson, an official of Scottish Power, bleats about proposed additional windfall taxation at a time when his foreign owned company is making extraordinary profits as a direct result of Putin’s War. How dare he. He knows that society absolutely depends on his product, and that he will continue to enjoy generous tax relief on the cost of additional investment, not to mention a privileged place in the panels of Government advisers. Does he have no moral compass, no conscience, no thought for his fellow man? Methinks he doth protest too much, and he needs a period of intense reflection. A period of silence from him in the current climate would be very welcome.
Aileen Jackson

SAS Volunteer

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