Dear Sir,  

How utterly bizarre that SNP Councillors Karl Rosie and Raymond Bremner think we need more useless wind turbines “crucial to keep the lights on” (Press and Journal, front page 8th December). She who “must be obeyed” at Holyrood springs to mind.  

Particularly so as this very week the National Grid has been forced to issue yet another dire warning about potential blackouts because of what the Germans now ruefully call “Dunkelflaute”, which literally means dark, wind stillness, or lull. The entire country now suffers rolling blackouts, street lights turned off, with swimming pools, libraries, and other civic buildings unable to function.  

By the way turbine manufacturer, Siemans Gamesa has been axing hundreds of jobs as the wheels come off the renewable energy gravy train. Now, Vestas, Nordex and Enercon are also facing financial ruin, and all for the same reasons.  

If our own idiotic, deluded politicians continue to follow this dead-end technology any more, the sobering translation we will also face shortly is “Net Zero”!  

Yours, with candles at the ready  


George Herraghty  

Lothlorien Lhanbryde Elgin

SAS Volunteer

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Jason · December 14, 2022 at 7:32 pm

SAS Volunteer is obviously outspoken, intelligent and nobody’s fool.
What I find amazing, is that most media seem to ignore the “Medieval Warm Period” and the “Little Ice Age.”

If people choose to believe everything they are told, without question, they could be forgiven for believing that ALL scientists agree with the hypothesis that human activity is responsible for the very recent 1 degree increase in global temperatures, but that would be unwise:

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