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As the nation shivers in the long dark days of winter when solar power isn’t producing enough to run the heater on a goldfish tank and thousands of wind turbines throughout our country stand motionless and useless, I have one question to ask: Has our deluded First Minister forbidden her minions at Holyrood from looking at the National Grid Live figures which show day upon day how badly renewables are performing? Is it a case of, if we See, Hear and Speak no evil it isn’t happening?
Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire
What on earth having (the equivalent of) 55 per cent of the entire offshore grid potential of the entire Mediterranean Basin has to do with Scotland’s finances beats me (Leah Gunn Barret, Letters 8 December).
Scotland currently supplies no wind power to that area and is highly unlikely ever to so do. It is just as relevant, perhaps more so, to say that China produces about 100 times the wind power of Scotland, and to say that North Sea tax “stays in London” is simply laughable.
The Scottish government, we may remind ourselves, is anti-North Sea oil so surely is not in the least interested in any tax that may arise from that source, unless, of course, it is needed to pay for USA-fracked gas to power a couple of ferries that may or may not run on such in a few years’ time.
A McCormick
I am a creature of the Industrial Age and, for all the passion being generated about climate change, am rather more convinced about the intervention of the sun, which drives everything in the solar system, than I am by man-made CO2 driving the climate.
Indeed, I suspect that we may have quite a hard winter of it this year, despite assurances that it is the hottest year since whenever.
One of the points which seems never to be addressed is the fact (fact, I emphasise) that the zealots who are undermining our society at every turn seem quite happy at China, India, the USA etc producing the bulk of the CO2 created by man, but do not seem to wish to go to any of those places to do anything about it. They would rather disrupt the UK.
Equally, they are screaming against the coal mine in Cumbria which we need to produce the coke to make steel (there is no other means of doing so), but do not seem to have a problem with importing other people’s inferior coke, with the associated CO2 that that causes, or would just let China make it and control world industry.
These eco-warriors are a menace and, if permitted to continue their campaigns, will only achieve the downfall of the democratic West. They must not be allowed to.
John Fraser, Glasgow

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